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Mexico Beans Arrive Aug 28!!

We are excited to see our next Mexico beans arriving!  Still organic and fair trade!

Specialty Coffee from our farm in Costa Rica, Cafe Costa Fuerte

In the Tarrazu region of Costa Rica, on OUR very own farm, Cafe Costa Fuerte, these high altitude strictly hard beans are shade-grown, beneath sprawling banana and avocado trees, and ripen among two primary forests.  They are hand harvested, and shipped to the Bold Coast of Maine, where they are small batch roasted, then cooled amid the North Atlantic breezes.

At an altitude of 6,200 feet (1,900 meters) theses coveted beans are some of the highest quality Costa Rica has to offer. The volcanic soil of the coffee bean growing district of Tarrazu gives these beans a bright acidity. The coffee has fruity suggestions of apricot, berries and citrus. As you drink it, you will detect a honey-like like aftertaste with hints of chocolate, spices and malt.

Down East Magazine Roast

Introducing our Down East Roast, created in honor of our region and our partnership with Down East Magazine.  This Reserve Coffee comes straight from our very own Farm Cafe Costa Fuerte.   In The Tarrazu Region of Costa Rica ~ These High-Altitude, Strictly Hard Beans Are Shade-Grown, Ripening Among Two Primary Forests, Beneath Sprawling Banana and Avocado Trees. They Are Hand-Harvested, And Shipped  To The Bold Coast, Where They Are Small-Batch  Roasted and Cooled In North Atlantic Breezes. 

 "Bold Coast Coffee's new Down East roast single-estate coffee holds a special place in our hearts. From the beginning, co-owner Troy Quimby knew he wanted to create something in honor of the region and the magazine. "Down East Maine is where my family has resided for well over 100 years," Quimby says. "Nearly all of my family still lives there, including my sister, who I approached to be my business partner. When we formally started the business, we decided it was important to us to remain in our hometown, work to provide sources of income for our employees and vendors, and work to be environmentally friendly to not only our region but also to the regions that produce our green coffee."  

Down East Magazine 

Honest Pound Pricing

Our coffee is delicious and our mission is simple, provide a great product at a fair price.  We only offer 1 pound and 1/2 pound retail packages.  We feel it's important for the customer to quickly know the price per pound so we offer in just these two options.  We call it Honest Pound Pricing.